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Our carefully chosen range of beautifully designed products from some of the most talented UK makers.

This is a non-profit shop! With all profits going to protect UK wildlife and improve the environment, many of our products being directly inspired by nature.

We work hard to ensure that all our UK makers use materials from ethical and recyclable sources wherever possible, such as FSC paper and wood. There will be no imported products – UK makers only.

So sit back and fill your shopping basket from the comfort of your own settee, be inspired by nature, help us to support our amazing UK makers, and feel good in the knowledge that the profit from every purchase will be going directly to conserve our stunning British countryside and protect our incredible UK wildlife – let’s make a difference. Find out more here.

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  • Rooster Card – Bird The Artist

  • Swallow Card – Bird The Artist

  • Puffin Trio Card – Bird The Artist

  • On Guard Card – Bird The Artist

  • Leopard Card – Bird The Artist

  • Kestrel Card – Bird The Artist

  • Sweet Peas and Honey Bees Card – Bird The Artist

  • Sunflowers Card – Bird The Artist

  • Cock Pheasant Card – Bird The Artist

  • Blue Tit Card – Bird The Artist

  • Shady Lamp – Humblewood

  • Five Too Clock – Humblewood

  • Wonky Clock – Humblewood

  • Kitchen Roll Holder – Creamore Mill

  • Acorn Key Ring – Creamore Mill

  • Key Holder – Creamore Mill